2019 Holiday Candle

The SOE 2019, limited edition holiday candle is here! The alluring combination of Smoked Cedar, Patchouli and Fir ground the soul while the message written on its classic vessel inspires the spirit. This year, SOE is honored to collaborate with ceramic artist, Michiko Shimada who hand sculpted our one of a kind “we are all god’s work” vessel and my dear friend, Trish from Flores Lane candle company.

The SOE candles are handcrafted from 100% Veggie soy wax, essential and natural fragrance oils and hand poured “in house”, meaning in my home. I’ve added an extra special touch this year that I am so excited to share. I have encoded my voice, intention and love for you into molten wax to create these candles. Which when lit, releases into the very air you breathe. While the candles were solidifying, I personally chanted over them and a recording of the chant, in which my voice is pitched to 432 HZ continued playing throughout the drying process. 432 HZ is the frequency of the universe and the frequency in which the body naturally resonates.

To further enhance the encoded experience, when you purchase your candle, you will unlock access to the chant. If you wish, play the chant while burning your candle and chant along or allow it to deeply sink into your heart and consciousness. I hope you enjoy this limited edition candle as much as I have creating it for you.

Get your candle here!


  • I love Le’s candles! Last year’s candle were simply soothing, warm and an indescribable smell.
    I burned it all through Fall/Winter – burned the candle to the quick. 🙂
    You are missing out if you do not experience her handcrafted candles. They are beyond awesome. Thank you Beautiful and Sweet Le! xo – J from Texas

  • Hi Le! I received your beautiful candle today. It is wonderful! I love your packaging too. Thank you sweet Le for being you. Big BIG HUG!
    P.S. I hope you and your family will be warm, happy and healthy this Christmas.

  • I just saw you in Franklin, NC and bought a SOE candle there. I can’t wait to light it! It is awesome that you poured your love into these candles and chanted over them. I would love to be able to hear the chant even though I ended up buying it at your show and not through this site. Would there be a way for me to have access to it?
    I LOVED having the chance to meet you!! You are the sweetest person! I hope you feel better soon and get to rest!! Even though you were sick, you put on a beautiful and amazing show!

    Love you!!

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