Thriving This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving week, my LovEs! Here at the Cibrian Casa, we are going all in this week… I’m sure a lot of you can relate. Our family and friends are gracing us with their loving presence all week long, we’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner and I leave the following morning to begin my holiday tour in upstate New York. THINGS ARE BUSY AND BLISSFUL! Time management is essential in order for us to be present with our loved ones and create a peaceful environment for everyone. So, I thought I would share with you my top 10 tips for THRIVING this Thanksgiving week. Tips that have been and will be helping me stay grounded, healthy and organized. If you are hosting this year, you’ll definitely want to read on. Have a wonderful week! I am so grateful for each and every one of you who continue to share your heart with me through SOE. I LovE you. 

1. If you’re anything like me and have loved ones coming to stay at your house, you’ll want to make sure everything is nice and cozy for them and their every need is taken care of. That being said, that’s a lot of needs and a lot of different tastebuds. This genius tip comes to you from my BFF, Chrissy. She was kind enough to suggest ordering all of her and her kiddos wants and needs off of Amazon and having them shipped to our house. First off, get yourself some friends that offer to help take some of the weight off your shoulders! Second, have your friends and fam order any of their specific food, drinks or personal needs and have them shipped to your home. This saves tons of time on your end and everyone gets exactly what they want.

2. Cook a massive pot of soup to serve the night before Thanksgiving and make dinner a no brainer. I like making mine on Tuesday, so Wednesday, all I have to do is reheat and In-Joy! Here are a couple of delicious suggestions…

Rustic Tuscan-Style Sausage, White Bean, and Kale Soup
Easy Rosemary Garlic White Bean Soup

3. Host your own Turkey Trot. Grab the whole family and head out for a nice walk or a challenging hike on Thanksgiving morning. 

4. Take 5, 10 or 20 min to meditate, breathe and chant with me on November 27th. Insight Timer, my favorite app for all our meditation and zen needs has graciously given me the “Daily Insight” space for the day. It’s the first 20 min meditation I have ever recorded and you won’t want to miss it! So, download the app, take a moment to yourself and come play with me. 

5. With family in town and all that goes into cooking and hosting, working out can fall to the bottom of your to-do list. That’s why my trainer Ali and I have created a quick HIIT workout that gets your heart rate revved and will keep your body torching calories long after this quick workout is over.

~ Check back tomorrow for our Thanksgiving week HIIT Tight Tush Tuuesday

6. Drink PLENTY OF WATER! Water is sometimes the last thing we are drinking around the holidays. A little trick I LovE doing… adding pure rose to my water. It’s heavenly and fantastic for your skin and digestion.

7. Your energy will be the guiding light for everyone in your home, including your furry family members. In order to stay grounded and relaxed, take a few moments to yourself on Thanksgiving morning. Watch the sun rise, meditate and if it’s not too cold, take a walk in your backyard, barefoot to connect with Mother Earth. Turn on your favorite music while getting dressed or while cooking and dance your heart out while you’re at it. And anytime, I mean ANYTIME, like when a family member wants to talk politics where you two clearly disagree, step away and take a few long deep breaths, 4 counts in, 8 counts out. The longer exhale is key to turning on our parasympathetic nervous system and getting us out of fight or flight mode. 

8. Who’s entertaining little ones this Thanksgiving? Here at the Cibrian house, they’ll be big and little ones, ranging from 16 all the way to 4. Our big kids are very self sufficient and will most likely join in on some of the adult fun. They LovE to laugh at their Grandpa’s bad jokes! However, the little ones will need more entertaining that’s solely their own. Enter… the coloring table! Roll out a long piece of craft paper across the kitchen table or a hard surface, put some crayons and markers in the middle and have the kids decorate their own table runner for Thanksgiving dinner… I’m sure all the adults will join in too! Lay it all out the day before, so they can take their time and it will keep them entertained, off and on, up until Thanksgiving dinner time. 

Craft Paper
Organic Glitter Crayons
Natural Beeswax Crayons
Crayola Washable Markers

9. When it comes to our furry friends, set some ground rules with family and friends…NO HUMAN FOOD! Certain foods are poison to dogs and we want to avoid any upset tummies, unnecessary messes and emergency vet visits at all costs. Stick to your pets usual diet and make sure you give them plenty of LovE and appreciation too this Thanksgiving. 

10. Finally, cleanse the energy in your home once everyone is gone. Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference. If you are new to cleansing the energy of your home, here is a past SOE blog post that will help get you started…

Most important of all, today is not the day to try and change anyone. LovE everyone exactly where they are, even if you don’t understand where they are coming from. And LAUGH, always LAUGH and look up every once in a while to take in all the blessings that surround you.


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