Grace Will Lead Me

Hello my great LovEs! Welcome to the last month of 2019, the last month of the decade. I hope everyone is enjoying this December energy, so far. These last 6 weeks have been quite chaotic on a personal front. Along with the business of the holidays and kicking off a tour, I have gone through several personal changes pertaining to my business, so I do apologize for there being an absence of the SOE newsletter last month. I am making a conscious effort to grant myself a wealth of grace as I move into a space where so much is new and also unknown, and I very much appreciate the grace you all extend my way also. It feels really good though, to have a shift of energy in my world and infinite possibilities at my feet. With that being said, I would like to speak to something that’s really in the air for me at this moment and send this message directly to the heart of anyone out there who is needing to hear this too…

Yes, we are heading into a new year, into a new decade. Yes, it’s wonderful to begin to dream about what we would like to call into our lives in 2020, to meditate on what we would like to release. Yes, I am a huge believer in this powerful self inquiry, AND if you haven’t even had a moment to look up and notice that 2020 is just a few weeks away, IT’S OK. I would like us all to take a deep breath together right now and grant ourselves that grace and give ourselves the permission to do “us” on our own schedule. 

As a consumer of information, I feel like I am being bombarded with “get your shit together before 2020” messages from every angle. I don’t know about you, but when I’m already exhausted, I am completely repelled by all the inundation. Which, for an overachieving, Virgo type like myself, can make it very tempting to go into a downward spiral of thoughts like “I’m not doing enough. I’m not disciplined enough. I’m going to fall behind.” It can become a heavy weight, one that is completely self inflicted. I don’t know about you, but I am so done with this negative merry go round because of someone else’s time schedule, and honestly, I think this is applying to every area of my life, not just my 2020 soul plan. I’m sick of proving and striving, in the figurative and literal sense, all for external validation or to go along with some set of rules that we’ve all mutually agreed upon because they were passed down to us and that’s “just the way it’s always been.” Can I get an AMEN!? Whew, that felt good! 

How about BEING? How about TRUSTING? How about one hand over our hearts and saying “on your own terms, on your own time beautiful soul.” You are your own teacher. You are your own guide. You are your own healer. You are your own guru. KNOW THIS! 

I have “grace will lead me” tattooed on my arm for a reason. Grace is the key to this beautiful life. If there’s one practice I am leaning into so strongly right now, it’s extending grace to my own heart. When doing things on our own terms, all of the old programming of “shoulds” and “have to’s” is going to come flying up out of our cells, screaming for us to do what we know, what will keep us “safe.” We will possibly have moments or even weeks of anxiety. This is when we place our hand over our heart and tell ourselves that it’s ok to feel exactly what we are feeling and not try and push it away. To recognize that this is our body shifting into new ways of being and the old releasing, the old that no longer serves our highest good. This is the time to get curious and keep following what FEELS good in the body and in the heart. This is the time to validate our own unique desires and KNOW that your most unique, “weird” desire is just as valid as the ones that we all have agreed we are “supposed” to have. My prayer and dream for us all, is that we all become brave as hell and create lives that reflect our uniqueness, that stand out like sore thumbs… if that is what we desire. 

So, when you see everyone following the same path or the same instruction manual for the new year, ask yourself… “DOES THIS FEEL GOOD FOR ME?” If so, roll with it. If not, roll with that. Stay neutral! Remember, nothing is “good” or “bad” unless we make it so. Forge your own path, my friends. 

For the end of this decade, let’s make a new choice and not be drug down by the typical end of the year burdensome thinking. Let’s trade our worries for trust, our fear for LovE. Let’s lighten the load and walk into 2020 with a deeper sense of sovereignty and freedom. Let’s not allow the noise and calendar dates to dictate our “when” and “where” when it comes to our self inquiry. Spirit knows no time and space. You’ll know when it’s time to go inward and get in touch with your desires and dreams for this new part of your journey. Make it fun! Clear a date for yourself, whatever date that works for your life and set a play date with spirit. Take a long walk in nature and dream. Take a ceremonial bath and dream. Create a whole day of ceremony, dancing, writing, painting and dream. Make LovE to your LovEr and dream. Whatever brings you joy! Ring in the new year IN JOY and I promise you, more of THAT will come your way. 

I can’t wait to see what you create for your world and what creations you bless this world with in 2020 and beyond. 

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