Winter Solstice Meditation

Happy Winter Solstice beautiful souls! As we welcome in the shortest day of the year, I ask you, can you sit in the darkness? Can you sit with YOUR darkness? Can you LovE whatever arises in the darkness? Can you be tender with the unseen, unfelt parts of yourself that come out to play?

 It is only by welcoming in the dark that we find the light, so I encourage you to get uncomfortable tonight. Here’s how I’ll be ritualizing the Winter solstice, join me? 

If you do not have a meditation practice, I invite you to have a seat… or lie down, make yourself comfortable, close your eyes and breath. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. That’s why it can be so uncomfortable, because we don’t have to DO anything, we have to BE. Try and soften your body, with every deep breath in through the nose and out through the nose, soften, relax, let go. Allow all the thoughts to come and float by as if they were clouds floating in the sky. When you find yourself attaching to a thought, refocus your attention on your breath. Feel the breath. Notice it’s temperature, notice where you feel the breath most prominently as you inhale…belly, chest, nostrils, notice the softening of the belly and the body as you exhale. Be the witness to your experience. 

NOW, here’s where it can get uncomfortable and where it gets JUICY… set a timer for 20 min. I know that probably sounds like an eternity when you do not already have a meditation practice, but I believe in you. Whenever you feel the urge to get up and run or feel antsy and want to crawl out of your skin, breathe deeper and say I LovE you to yourself in your mind. Be gentle with this piece of you. If you find yourself needing to get up and shake your body out and then sit or lie back down, do so, but try and remain in the discomfort as long as possible. It’s only the mind that is telling you to flee. You are safe. If you bail out early, totally ok. Don’t beat yourself up about ANY PART OF YOUR EXPERIENCE. You are meeting yourself in new places. 

If yo DO have a meditation practice, do exactly the same thing as above and set your timer for 45 min to 1 hour. Go deep into the darkness tonight and everyone, remember to allow, allow, allow any emotion to arise. When any piece of you comes up to be witnessed, gently remind yourself that you are LovEd and safe and allow whatever is rising to move through you. 

In the stillness is where we come into contact with our wholeness, where we can hear the screams of unexpressed pain and anger, where we hear the whispers of our spirit, of our intuition. I am holding your hand as you bravely hold yourself in the unknown, in the stillness, in the blackness. 

When you are finished turning inward, light a candle, welcoming back the light, into your heart and the world. Stare into the flame and breathe deeply. Give thanks for both, the light and the dark that exists within. 

From here, the days become longer, the light returns. Know that you are the light, you ARE LovE. You are so beautifully both… you are ALL! Welcome every piece of you. Come home to your wholeness. I LovE you.

If you are new to meditation and would like to begin a regular meditation practice, I would highly recommend downloading the Insight Timer app, where I also have guided meditations and chants that I share on a regular basis. Insight Timer is my favorite meditation app that I have personally used for a couple of years now. They have a comprehensive catalog of teachers and meditations that help guide you on your journey.


  • Hi Le,
    I believe in meditation and wish I made the time to do it. I hope in 2020 I practice meditation. May your New Year be Happy,
    Healthy, and Prosperous! XO

  • I’m not sure if I would be good at calming this turbulent soul with meditation. Willing to try. Sounds gentle!! 💕

  • Meditation is something I really want to start to incorporate as part of my goals I am setting for myself in 2020. New year…new me!

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