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Happy Saturday, beautiful souls! Ahhh, to LovE the shattered, the selfish, the bitter, the judgmental, the righteous, the rageful, the stagnant, the one who knows, but still doesn’t do… I honestly have been wrestling with myself over the past week. My heart knows how deeply it wants to LovE, my mind knows the holy, the divine is the TRUTH of everyone, of myself, yet my body doesn’t feel safe to surrender to the depths. So, I have been battling an internal war, beating myself up as to why I cannot LovE as deeply as I know how, racking my brain as to what the blocks are. I wrote this quote last week after a text conversation with my dear friend @mattkahn where we were discussing family dynamics and all the good old button pushing that was about to go down. I wrote it as an outward statement, but soon realized it was meant for me just as much as anyone. The only way to touch the depths of LovE I am seeking to extend outward is to first extend it to the part of myself that feels unsafe, the parts of myself that I so desperately want to be loving, but are afraid of being swallowed whole in their innocence. To the younger piece of me who is afraid, you don’t have to change, I will. I WILL LovE you more in all of your yet to be unchanged places. And you know what, take your time. You will fully bloom in divine timing. For now, I will be over here judging myself a little less, taking deeper breaths and loving the shit out of me! I hope you all do the same. I LovE you.

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  • My favorite line that I will carry with me forever: To my younger self who is afraid, you dont have to change I will. I cried at just how big and how beautiful that really is. Thank you Leanne…. life changing! ❤️

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