Bora Bora Adventures

Bora Bora is pure magic! It’s the one place where we really can steal away, no paparazzi, no chaos, just us and the ocean. Eddie and I had vacationed there several years ago and have always wanted to go back. It’s personally my favorite spot to vacation, mainly because I’ll actually swim in the water. Yes, I’m one of those that still has to hold their nose to go under water. The ocean usually isn’t my thing, but because Bora Bora is surrounded by a lagoon and a barrier reef, the waters are much calmer, so it’s optimal for swimming and snorkeling. The lush, green lands, the jovial, kind hearted people, the vibrantly colorful array of fish, the underwater mansions of coral reefs, it’s all breathtakingly stunning.

The first four months of this year were insanely busy for both Eddie and me.  Between him filming his TV show “Rosewood”, me touring the U.K., New Zealand and the US, releasing my album “Remnants” and balancing our family time with the kids, we really needed to just be with each other and enjoy celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary, spoiling one another with love and undivided attention. The trip fed our souls. The laughter, the food, our room right in the middle of the ocean and Eddie’s “Tiki Tiki” concoction hit the spot. Bora Bora was a pretty epic trip, one we’ll never forget!

A trip to Tahiti is what dreams are made of. It’s a place that I recommend not passing up if you have the chance to experience it. Here are “Soul Of EverLe’s” top picks and tips for an unforgettable time:


Stay- Conrad Nui or Four Seasons

We have stayed at both hotels and equally enjoyed each of them. The Conrad Nui, where we stayed this time just finished beautiful renovations.

Budget friendly- 

Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort. Rooms for April 2018 range from $275 to $530 per night.


Eat- La Villa Mahana

This is quite possibly the best meal we’ve ever had! It’s a tiny, romantic restaurant that you DO NOT want to miss.


Tools- Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask

This is a must for anyone like me who has a bit of a freak out if water seeps into their mask or shoots up their nose. You can breathe out of both your nose and your mouth. Thanks to Fabien at Puresnorkeling, snorkeling was incredibly enjoyable.


Trip Insurance-

Make sure to add travel insurance to your trip, it doesn’t cost much and it gives you the peace of mind and flexibility to change your travel plans last minute. More info here!


Drink- Eddie’s “Tiki Tiki” drink recipe…

The key to this yummy, simple but effective concoction is fresh watermelon juice. So, whip out your juicer or go grab some at the market. Careful, these go down a little too easily.

1 1/2 oz silver tequila

2 oz fresh watermelon juice

1-2 oz sprite







  • AWESOME! Its always wonderful to escape to heaven on earth. I’m glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and RELAXED!

  • Glad you enjoyed your vacay! Next time you go try the StRegis,and get the Royal Villa. It’s also overwater/private pool and it’s the BEST! We’re heading there again next month, I can’t wait!

  • That’s awesome that you used the Tribord. We went on vacation recently to Hawaii and borrowed those from my sister in law. They are so much better than a regular snorkel mask and goggles. Glad you guys enjoyed some well deserved r and r together!

  • Wow, Tahiti and Bora Bora sure looks like paradise on earth! I haven’t even been to Hawaii yet, but those island paradises sure are on my list.
    As for clear waters: have you ever been to Croatia? The waters there are stunningly turquoise and so clear you can see the pebbles on the ground 60 ft below. Not to mention the surrounding landscape further inland: white mountains and endless plains. =) That’s my favorite vacation spot within Europe, but I also love traveling America every once in a while.

  • Omg!!!! How am I just seeing this one?!?! Great post!!! My dream vacation is Fiji, but I might have to change it after seeing this.❤️ That video was the cutest thing Ever!!! Y’all are so stinkin cute! That’s my fav music video of yours!! All Real and all filled with LovE! ❤️💋

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