Chalk Talk

It takes way more strength to let things go, to forgive, to walk through the fire of our pain and rewrite our story than it does to hold on tightly to old beliefs, past hurt, grudges and bitterness. Healing is for the brave, for those who are willing to dig in and spiral over and over again in order to unchain the spirit and be in service of others, helping to inspire and guide them to their own healing. Lead the way through self healing. Lead the way in LovE. IT ALL BEGINS WITH OUR OWN HEARTS! I’ve come to understand, the more I put down, the more I uncover my true heart and the more authentic, unconditional LovE I have to give to myself my family, friends, the world…everyone! Let’s put it down together! What’s one thing you can put down today?


  • I love that you said for those willing to be of service to others. I’ve found so many times that that is the key to getting out of my own problems. When I get absorbed in negativity, I can’t see that I have more bounty than many others, it helps me greatly to find a volunteer activity to put my energy towards and gain some perspective of the bigger picture. We need to help each other.

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