I give you permission to fail, to get angry, to say something that shakes someone to the core of truth.

Permission to dress how you feel, even when it won’t be enough for some people.

Permission for you hair to be messy, for you to slow down, for you to change course.

Permission to move your body differently, to dance, free yourself.

Permission to be all the things people’s blurry vision and small minds talked you into believing you shouldn’t or couldn’t be and I forgive you for believing them.

I give you permission to put yourself first, to press your ear up against your heart and take in the complexities it resonates without being ashamed of  its complication.

Permission to cry while writing this on an airplane the size of a shoe box and not give a fuck if people stare.

And yes, I give you permission to say fuck… and not give a fuck.

I give you permission to ask for more in your relationships, to raise your standards, to LovE deeper ~ Trust me, you can handle the hurt.

Permission to stand proud in all that you are, even your greatest mistakes.

To not explain yourself, your reasons, your passions.

Permission to not ask for permission.

Permission to LovE who you want to LovE, how you want to LovE them.

Permission to get it wrong some of the time. 

To stand in your wholeness, your holiness and affirm the force of nature that you are.

I give you permission to live, to live a life that is for you and no one else, on your terms, fuelled by your soul stirrings, your intuition. 

I give you permission to take these words in, to let your body feel what it’s like to come alive again. The kind of alive you were before the world told you who you had to be.

Can you remember back that far? 

The kind of alive where you knew where you came from and where you will one day return. 


What are you holding yourself back from? What “have to’s” or “have to be’s” imposed by others or by learned limited beliefs do you want to free yourself from? Try going through your day and taking an honest account of what doesn’t feel like YOU! Where are you beating yourself up with your “should not’s?” See if you can catch yourself, pause and give yourself permission to soften and try it a different way.



  • I so needed to “hear ” this and I know I will be rereading it quite often untIL I can practice it without guilt or doubt. Thank you! !

  • This is truly exceptional!!!! Wow! This is by far of my favorite things you’ve EVER written! This is for EVERYONE…Women, men, young, old, gay, straight, bi, black, white, yellow, orange, green , blue or purple too!!! It’s truly something everyone can read and relate to. How perfect! Well done. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely going to print this and frame it… yeah I love it that much!!! You go girl! Your growth over the years is such a beautiful thing to watch. Keep on keeping on. XX

  • WOW so much of this relates to me. This is definitely a life lesson I will be taking up from today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for opening my eyes In my heart I knew all of these things but you have made me realise I am in charge of my own destiny of my own life
    Thank you I ❤ you

  • I absolutely love this! I have always struggled with worrying about what others think instead of being myself.

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