Chalk Talk

A major part of the process of coming home to our authentic selves is the undoing, the unraveling, the unlearning of the unnecessary. Lately, in every situation, all of my relationships, every room of our house, item of clothing, piece of jewelry, every feeling, belief and desire, I have been asking myself the question “what’s really me?” Out of all the titles I hold and faces I portray in this life, what is me and what is projected on to me that I feel like I must live up to or that I have taken on unconsciously? It’s A PROCESS, becoming the observer of every nook and cranny of your life and feeling into what is false and what is real, but I feel it’s necessary for our becoming. And then the death of what you realize is no longer serving you or what was never yours anyway, but has taken hold of a piece of you, the letting go and grieving is a deeply confusing and painful part of the process. You even begin to question what you know is you, but is it really? Anyone else on this path at the moment? Sending you all lots of LovE for a beautiful week.