Capricorn New Moon Ritual

If you’ve been following Soul Of EverLe for a while now, I’m sure you know I am very into following the moon phases, whipping up rituals and listening to my intuition. During meditation a few days ago 🧘‍♀️ I received a whisper in my ear. The message was to follow my intuition in creating a ritual during this new moon to cleanse and breath new energy and intentions into husband’s and my wedding rings. Our rings are symbols of our LovE and commitment to one another and they carry a lot of energy from almost 7 years of marriage. Something just feels very right about starting 2018 with a ritual that brings in the energy of our relationship as it stands today, with even deeper LovE and commitment.

This new moon in Capricorn lines up beautifully to Venus, the planet of LovE, pleasure and harmony, so a ceremony based around setting new intentions for your relationship is very well supported in this new moon cycle. It’s also a super moon which makes its energy incredibly potent. Here’s what I dreamt up if anyone else would like to join in. Happy New Moon!


  • Settle in and get cozy with your partner. Take a few deep, grounding breaths together if you wish and become present with each other. Engage in a heartfelt discussion and together, set intentions for your relationship and write them out a few on a piece of paper. You can set as many intentions or as few as you wish, just make sure they are mutual and being set with an open, honest heart. Also, remember to write your intentions in a positive and affirming tone as in “we are” instead or “we want” or “we need.”
  • Create a sacred space which can be a small alter, a quiet corner, a table or any space that feels grounding. Cleanse the space of any stagnant energy. My favorite way to clear is either by burning sage or Palo santo wood.
  • Gather your wedding rings or any kind of jewelry that represents you and your partners LovE and commitment.
  • Light 3 white candles, one representing you, one your partner and the other representing the two of you as a joined couple.
  • Cleanse the jewelry with sage or Palo santo and place them on top of the paper where your intentions are written.
  • Say a prayer together in gratitude for all of the blessings that are being bestowed on your union. I like to say thank you ahead of time, knowing that what I am intending or manifesting is already on it’s way. I also like to end my prayer with “may this or something better manifest for the highest good of all.”
  • Place the rings or jewelry on one another and seal it with a kiss…or something more ☺️
  • Tuck your intentions away in a safe place. I like to put mine in the back of my journal and then let them go from thought. Send them out into the universe and let it work it’s magic!



  • I love this, and I love the impact you’re making on all of us. You’re a gem! XO

  • This is so loving , and real..And I believe the energy created in doing so will show up in the relationship. I love having rituals in my life, old as time and I’m so grateful to have had a grandmother that believed in them and shared with me the magic of them.

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