Chalk Talk

Happy Saturday to all my soul mates! This is something I pray every day. It sets the tone for my whole day and serves as a reminder of why I am here, why we are all here… to be the blessing we have been created to be. We are here to express our own unique blueprint of the light and blessing that we have been created from and that flows though us. So, when I veer off course durning the day, self defeating thoughts arise and I forget my light, this is what I come back to… “May I be the blessing that I am created to be.” No one and nothing can take that away my friends. It’s WHAT YOU ARE! May you be blessed and allow yourself to believe in the blessing that you are and the blessings that are yours to claim, today and every day!
Happy September Everyone!

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  • LeAnn,
    I just found this blog.. I am glad, very glad to have found you. I look forward to go on a journey with you and hopefully learn something.

    Then you.

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