Message Of LovE

Here I am, ringing in another year around the sun. I’m feeling very blessed and overwhelmed by the abundance of LovE in my life. You all shower me with monumental amounts of LovE throughout the year and especially on my birthday. This year, I want to ask you to join me in spreading that LovE around. So, on August 28th, the day I was birthed, I ask you to shower the world with some extra LovE as a gift to me, as a gift to yourself and everyone you touch. Send a message of LovE to people in need, volunteer for an hour, send someone online some LovE, pay a stranger a compliment… whatever goodness you can think of, do it! And then to share your stories with me using a #messageoflove

I appreciate each and everyone of you sweet souls so very much and cannot wait to share another year with you. I LovE you!