Chalk Talk

Happy Monday! Happy Thanksgiving Week! The other night I had the great honor and pleasure of sitting in a room full of beautiful, creative hearts and minds, listening to Marianne Williamson​ discuss the possibility of her campaigning for presidency in 2020. I have followed Marianne and the teachings of “A Course In Miracles” for a while now and I cannot begin to tell you the ways she has changed my life with the way she teaches from the course. As I listened to her speak and everyone in the room ask intelligent, soul stirring questions, this came to me. It’s time we all stop shaming each other for our beliefs, telling people they are wrong and we are right. It IS time we begin paving a path of LovE, empathy and forgiveness and inviting everyone down it. Let’s start standing up for LovE with the conviction it deserves. We are all created from of pure LovE. So, I do believe, that if we pave a path, and extend the deepest of heartfelt invitations to a better way of living, we have a chance at a better world, where we trust in LovE more than fear. I Love You all!

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  • I love it and totally agree but in this era we are in a me society it’s all about me, me, and me!!

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