Chalk Talk

Happy Wednesday dear LovEs! This quote brings me to tears. We all have gifts inside of us we may think are trivial. THEY ARE NOT! Every little breath we take is a gift to this world. We don’t know how we are being used in the greater plan, so let’s show up for every moment, no matter how small, as if our gifts, gifts that we don’t even recognize as gifts, are being used in big ways, because they are. We are the gift! When we show up with an open heart and asked to be used, to be a conduit for LovE, to be a channel…. that prayer will be answered, and that’s beautiful magic my friends. There’s a prayer in “The Course In Miracles” that says, “Where would you have me go? What would you have me do? What would you have me say? And to whom?” Pray it! Open to it! We will be nourished to great depths when our soul meets the need of any one person, or many. Follow your joy! Follow your heart’s callings, no matter how “odd.” Someone, somewhere needs you to lead the way. There are souls starving for it! I Love you.


  • My heart and gladness pours out all I am able for my family.
    The hungers of the heart of my grandkids day or night, no matter what.
    The struggle and frustration escalates at times; but these precious
    children are worth all I’m able to give.

  • Love, Love, Love this! Look up into the clouds, breathe, open thy heart and soul…miracles, happiness and peace will emerge. People around you will smile, enjoy and hopefully benefit from your aura. 🙂

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