Chalk Talk

This was a lot for my little chalkboard, but I had to find a way. *full quote below…

I asked the universe/god to show me what i needed to see at this very moment and then opened the book “Giver” by Adrian Michael. This is what I read…Light can’t see itself. Tell yourself this the next time there are waves of days that fill your spine with aches of disbelief of the rare light that is you. Some days you roll with your rays head high crown on twenty out of ten. But other days you struggle to find your way. Struggle to see what I see. Rare light. Beautiful rare light. The greatest kind. You just need to remember that light can’t see itself. ~ Adrian Michael

In the exact moment I needed this message, it cradled me in its truth. Hopefully, you see yourself in these words too. This is ME. This is YOU. This is ALL OF US! Thank you god. Thank you Adrian. Thank you divine timing. Thank you soul, for receiving and remembering what you already know as truth.

I LovE you!

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  • Thank you for being so open about your personal growth. I have struggled to reach new levels and hold myself back with negative beliefs about who I am becoming in my growth journey. I tend to lose sight of the journey along the way at times with the feeling of not being enough to those around me. But, if I can just continue to see the little light that shines…I know that it’s part of a beautiful rare light inside me.

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