EVERYTHING is made of energy and therefore has its own vibration. WE, ourselves are pure energy and each and every one of our “choices” we make in our lives either contributes to our highest good or takes us further away from our greatest possible self and ultimately our greatest possible life.

To break it down we either make a
High Vibrational Choice (noun) – a choice that is aligned with your highest good, dreams and values. A choice, that when chosen feels good in your body, facilitating more joy, wellness, lightness, nurturing and truth

Or we make a
Lower Vibrational Choice (noun) – a choice that has a negative effect on the body. One that reduces you to a negative emotional or physical state and is contradictory to your highest good, dreams and values.

Research shows that as an adult, we make around 35,000 remotely conscious decision a day, 226.7 decisions on just food alone. CRAZY RIGHT!

As the architect of our lives, choice by choice, you and I are constructing the outward AND inner life we are living. Yes, our inner word is a choice. Our thoughts, emotions… we can choose what we think and how we feel.

Now, this is not an easy task and takes awareness and daily, even moment to moment practice to shift our usual negative way of thinking and our sometimes explosive, highly emotional way of reacting instead of consciously responding, but it’s possible and it’s BEYOND worth it.

The way in which we do this is becoming aware of our current choices, what choices feel good in our body and what do not. This takes a level of honesty and non-judgement that is non-negotiable within this process. Looking at our less than favorable habits, thoughts and emotions will almost always bring up discomfort, and force us to take a look at where we’ve been hiding from or lying to ourselves, but let me tell you from personal experience, IT IS WAY MORE PAINFUL TO CONTINUE TO GROW FURTHER AWAY FROM YOUR SOUL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THAN TO TAKE ON DAYS, WEEKS, EVEN A FEW YEARS OF DISCOMFORT IN ORDER TO EXIST IN AN EXPANSIVE, JOYFUL FREEDOM UNLIKE ANYTHING YOU’VE EVER KNOWN.

Lately, I have become incredibly aware of my choices that align me in a higher vibration and those that do not. This is everything from my morning practices, my workouts, my thoughts surrounding myself, my business, my creative process, money, sex, the way I show up in all of my relationships, what I’m feeding my body, what I’m consuming as far as music, TV, news, why I’m buying what I’m buying…. all of it! My whole life had been up for examination and when I’ve caught myself making low vibrational choices I stop and ask myself WHY? And don’t get it twisted, I make choices, like any human that are not in alignment with my highest self, but within my awareness, that moment of pause, without judgement, but instead of inquiry is a game changer.

Inquiring, and then loving whatever comes up instead of pushing it away or judging it has allowed me to begin to alchemize some of my lower vibrational thoughts, habits and emotions. Accepting everything as a part of the whole, MY whole being, instead of seeing it all as “good or bad” has shifted my perspective just enough to allow room for a major shift. Instead of fighting the old pattern, I am just naturally choosing a new way that feels better to my soul. Some days are still a battle, but that’s just a part of the transmutation. I’m getting more comfortable in the discomfort, trusting and knowing it will pass, which is allowing me to sit with and LovE what arises instead of fighting anything that’s less than desirable.

So, I invite you on this journey of inquiry into every crevice, every corner of your moment to moment choices. Take it one choice at a time. Start with your choices you repeat almost daily and then as you become aware of those, you can move on to the smaller, more intricate choices. Tune into how each ones makes you feel and into your “why.” Tune into your “why” even when it’s a high vibrational choice where you feel fabulous. Why is that choice eliciting such a positive feeling in your being? Take notes, journal and instead of judging yourself or beating yourself up over anything you’d like to shift, LOVE YOU… ALL OF YOU. LovE you as if you were loving a little child… heart open, full of kindness, tenderness and patience. With LovE, we can shift anything. With LovE, we can change the world, and all by first creating our world to be a vibrant representation of the light.



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  • This is everything. Everything is a choice. To be happy (or not). To be loving (or not). To be bold and disciplined (or not).

    Worrying over Choice is the biggest drain of my energy. I can instead *choose* to be grateful that I have so many options, yet I feel overwhelmed at choosing. Will I make the best choice? What is the best choice? What if I make the wrong choice? These torturous questions play into daily choices big and small, from the grocery store to choosing a new home.

    In the lyrics of Rush there is a line “if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.” For me, I see this happening repeatedly. When I don’t seize an opportunity, I let it pass and someone else takes it. I basically say no because I may think I am unworthy, it is beyond me, or oftentimes (like today) I’m sitting in the middle of so many options I feel frozen because I haven’t found the perfect one.

    In the end I think this fear of making the wrong choice is deeply interwoven with a fear of commitment in me. When someone tells me I can do ANYTHING!!! I know they are right. I just have a hard time to choose what is worthy of my commitment. And what is my biggest dream. And how do I start to map my way there from where I now am.

    Life. I’m in it. I pray for clarity daily. Begging on my knees to know how the Universe wants to most gracefully and beautifully co-create through me.

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