Dear Heart

Dear heart,
You can stop running
You are safe now, here in this body
I know I have abandoned you for far too long, but that’s over now
You can release the walls you’ve been holding up by tattered rope and bloody hands and splay open
I’ve always known the true nature of who you are
Pure, infinite LovE begging to be expressed, but so afraid no one could meet you in such a commanding space
Petrified you’d be alone in LovE
I’ve grown enough now to understand that it’s me your needing to embrace you there, it’s been me all along
So, I’m no longer running
I’m no longer deaf to your longings
I’m sorry I wasn’t listening to your plea, I am listening now
~ Rimes

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  • I love what u wrote. Ive been in a place of not feeling loved to my core.

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