LovE, LovE, LovE

I started this blog in hopes of creating a space to connect with other like hearted souls and to show up and share in authenticity, my journey of healing and creating. I am so blessed to be celebrating Soul Of EverLe’s one year anniversary with you all this month and I couldn’t think of a better way to do so than to rawly share what I’m experiencing in my journey right now.

Lately, I am feeling completely out of balance, constantly it seems in the process of shedding old skin. I feel weighted down by sadness, jolted by emerging shadow and I am deeply desiring to fully step into all the places I have suppressed, but frightened of what that path may look like, what I may take a torch to in order to burn away what isn’t needed and find a deeper truth amongst the ashes. I’m tired and a bit frozen at the moment, unsure of what my next steps are. I used to be so afraid of this space between the knowing and the unknown, but these days, I understand that it’s part of the process when birthing new ideas or resurrecting forgotten parts of ourselves into the world.

It takes courage and tenderness, the courage part always being the easier of those two for me. I am learning to grant myself the grace of existing in this space as long as needed, not trying to rush through the discomfort and miss the magic and the lessons.

No matter where I drift off to though, the one thing that I always come back to is LovE. LovE forever calls me back, asking me to examine where I am blocking it from fully penetrating my heart, from where I’m withholding it from myself and others. What parts of myself am I denying and what parts of myself am I afraid are unlovable?

No matter where I turn the question and the answer always come back to LovE. It’s the umbrella that all of life exists under. Anytime we find ourselves free falling in this wicked, wondrous life, LovE is always there as the remembrance of the truth of who we are, we just have to remember to call on it. Once we call upon it, all we have to do is surrender and we will be guided. I truly believe this because I have experienced it time and time again.

Thank god my “calling upon it” reaction time has become much quicker. As I’m writing this blog, I can already feel the blood rushing back to my face and witness clarity just off in the distance amongst the fog.

I guess, sometimes the most loving thing I need to do for myself seems so insanely courageous that it paralyzes me to my core. I’m realizing true LovE demands the kind of courage found at the deepest depths of creation. It demands us remembering who we “damn” well are… we are LovE itself in human form.

Form that space, fear is dissolved and we trust in the flow of life. We know we can handle whatever comes our way in each and every moment because LovE is what flows through us and anything else is just a facade. So here’s to allowing LovE to cradle us in it’s womb and become a channel for it to flow out into the material plane through each and every breath we take.

I say a prayer every morning before my feet hit the floor, which is “I am cradled by a LovE which is beyond my thinking and I surrender to this LovE and it’s power”. It is a prayer from the heart of surrender and receptivity. And as I write that, I’m realizing that this prayer had brought me to this place on my journey, asking me to fully trust what is waiting just on the other side of fierce courage. I LovE you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing this journey with me on Soul Of EverLe.




  • You have always captivated me from the moment I heard your voice. I am so glad to have been able to be on this journey with you from a distance. You are truly an inspiration and you continue to inspire even through the immense amount you have already inspired. Thank you and here is to many more years of expression and revelation of love!

  • This page you started had been very uplifting and super positive for me, (and since I got sick a few years ago, all the Quotes, daily reminders have just been exceptionally helpful and brought more positive, and happiness in my daily living)! I’m sure many others as well! Thanks Leann!🦋🙏🤗🌈💕

  • I’ve said this before.. this life isn’t easy but it’s beautiful if you understand the mystery.

    It starts with belief that is awakened in you by the Holy Spirit and leads you into Truth. From there the love of God is revealed to you, which is in the mystery of Christ Jesus. From there your belief, guided and nurtured by the Holy Spirit, builds- blocks upon blocks, into faith- A wide, thick, a solid foundation from which power, authority, and the covering of Jesus Christ exists. It’s as simple and as profound and as puzzling as that.

    From there you find true love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness- the fruit of the Spirit.

  • Hello, I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while and had a place in my heart for you and your music long before that. I was a musician for many years too. I was given my first guitar at 8 years old, was performing in night clubs by the age of 11, and had to cease playing live in my early 30’s. I covered a lot of ground in that time, including living and playing in the US for a while. What has touched me most about your work while I have been following you has been your song writing, especially on “Spitfire”. If you are wondering what to do with yourself as you head for 40, (yep, one of life’s certainties, we grow older), I have a suggestion for you. Now you may not have any time for President Donald Trump, but I bought a couple of his books and they helped me a lot. So did his TV show “The Apprentice”. Now one of his books was not so much written by him, as it was a collection of contributions from some of the world’s top business people, from owners of sports teams to CEO of car manufacturers. There were some very inspiring contributions. When it comes to song writing, sure, there’s lots of stuff everywhere on how to write a song and we have all seen interviews with the majors like Elton John, who was given lyrics and created some of the world’s most memorable songs in a couple of hours, the Bee Gees, who make it sound like the songs are already written and they just pluck them from the cosmos, and Keith Richards for instance who seems to have been “given” some of his songs in a similar way. (That guy knows a LOT of great songs by the way, amazing..) Now you have recorded and had hits by some of the best writers since modern music started (let’s just say Elvis onwards), Dianne Warren for instance. I think she wrote Steven Tyler’s biggest hit too. You know her personally and I’m sure you know many, many other great song writers too, John Bon Jovi, J D Souther?, and a host of writers in Nashville no doubt. You really are in a unique position to write a book about the processes behind song writing and maybe even get contributions from some of the greats which they write for you in their own quiet time rather than the same old interview speel, you know what I mean?, how amazing would that be, a book on the magic of song writing from the greatest song writers inspired by an invitation from LeAnn Rimes rather than a “Sixty Minutes” interviewer or someone who doesn’t really understand this kind of creativity. I believe there is a real hunger out there for something like this as when you watch the talent shows (like I do) everyone is starting to write their own songs now. I believe Anyway, just a suggestion. Maybe you and Darrell could do it together, I mean, he personally knows Neil Young and many other great writers. Anyhow, I need to get on with it now, many blessings to you and your family! Do you think Meagan will settle into the British Royal Family? ..

  • Thanks for sharing so honestly! I find that, as a whole, the internet is somewhat of a humanity buster. In some ways it is leading to the dehumanization of our society. Yet, your posts have the opposite effect and for that I am very grateful!!! Keep up with this beautiful paradox!

  • I like the way you talk about shedding old skin constantly. I’ve felt I am always shedding the same ole skin over and over in my life. I’ve been told it the trauma’s in my life. But when will it ever stop? I mean how much shedding can you do over and over of something

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