International Day Of Peace

As I closed my eyes and began meditating on what I wanted to communicate about “International Day Of Peace” a range of emotion washed over me. It began with a very unsettling feeling, the “I can’t figure out what to write” rolled in. After a few deep breaths, one hand on my stomach, one on my heart and the remembrance of surrender, I began to transition from my head to my heart.

My heart has felt a bit closed off lately, so dropping into my heart isn’t the most comfortable of places to be at the moment, but I knew I would never find the inspiration I was looking for unless I began a conversation with  my truest place of knowing.

The pain and discomfort was very evident as I began to feel into my heart space. I relaxed into the pain, trusted what was rising and trusted that whatever came was in need of witnessing. As I began to feel into my own pain, there came a moment where I felt as though I was feeling into the the pain of the collective, the collective heart, yearning to be seen and appreciated, to be held tenderly. The tears began pouring… on an airplane of course. I allowed myself to dwell within this space for a few minutes, feeling the weight, holding my heart and what felt like the world’s heart. I was reminded in those moments of our connectedness, how the only separation is the one we create out of fear. I was reminded of our choice to choose LovE over fear.

A choice that we must be devoted to choosing more often than not. I was reminded of the pain and suffering that exists within this world, within too many of the world’s lost hearts, unaware of their power and the incredible, unique creation they are. I was reminded of the pain of closing off my heart in fear of it being demolished by my depth of feeling. I was reminded how each and every single soul deserves to know peace, to live and LovE in peace. Today, this is my prayer for the world.

So, I invite you to join me and take a moment to drop into your heart, feeling into whatever arises, feeling into the pain of the collective heartbeat. When we allow ourselves to truly go there, to feel freely, we transmute and transform the darkness into light for the whole, creating room for more joy and peace.

I don’t know if I would have been able to access my heart so instantaneously today if it wasn’t for a beautiful soul in the airport this morning. She came up to me, asked if she could hug me, thanked me for what I did and shared her tears with me. Her openness and sincerity clearly touched me deeply and broke me open. Maybe she’ll read this and know that she gave me as much of a gift as she’s felt I have given her. I hope so!


  • Tonight I found out a lovely lady ,my cousin passed away. While I was on my way to comfort my mother who had just heard the news. I was met by my niece who’s mother had just passed away. She sobbed as she blurted out “Ive got some bad news”. “I know I’ve just heard” I replied. Then I just put my arms around her and she sobbed into my arms. I just told her it’s ok. What can you say to someone? But just opening your arms and heart is all they need at that moment. Everyone needs love and it’s free to give love.

  • Sending you LovE and hugs from that place in our heart that is touched by your music and now your inspirational words. May you feel peace and serenity today and always.

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