Journey Of Less

Here I sit, in the void again. All of my major projects have been birthed, nourished and sent out into the world. It’s a new year, a new chapter full of possibility. And this is usually where I FREAK THE F OUT! 

Going, doing, earning, achieving, that has been my game for the longest of time. Even before I started touring at 13 and maintaining a full blown career and business, I was going, doing, earning and achieving. I played softball, danced, played piano, made straight A’s, sang at a show in Ft. Worth, Tx. every Saturday night, where I learned a new song every week and earned $125 a week from the time I was 7. There’s not a time in my life that I don’t remember responsibility and work. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed much of it, and it has afforded me a beautiful life, but there became a moment, around the time I was 16, where I understood the weight of the responsibility on my shoulders to KEEP moving, earning, creating, doing, achieving because I myself, was THE BUSINESS and if I stopped that meant everyone else stopped too. And to be really honest, it felt safe. As long as I was achieving I felt LovEd. As long as I was moving I didn’t have to feel pain. As long as I was earning I never had to feel “less than” for not having enough money and I would never be burdened with the financial struggle I grew up around. 

So, now, here I sit in the void with all of those old feelings and stories swimming around in my being, a lot less freaked out than any year before. Mainly, because I have spent days upon weeks, upon months, upon years working through my illusions and rewriting my stories, so that they reflect LovE instead of fear and I still have a long way to go, but there is space and trust where there use to be contraction and horror. There’s breath, prayer, silence and conversations between the universe and my soul about where it would like to lead me next. Then there’s an internal fight with my ego about what it “THINKS I SHOULD DO.”

But then I breathe and LovE that piece of me that’s terrified still. Sometimes, I don’t like what my soul whispers or what the universe shows me, and where I used to argue with them and take the long way around, I am beginning to actually listen and surrender… at least half of the time, which is a big shift. 

Lately, I’ve been hearing whispers of “Slow, Soft, Sensual, Receive.” Um, Universe, not sure if you’re aware, but these aren’t exactly my forte. 

Of course, I know it knows and that’s exactly why it’s muttering these words in my ear. A softer, slower way has been knocking at my door for a while now. I have made many changes in my life over the past couple of years that have afforded me a gentler pace of life, but I know I’m not close to the pace my soul desires to be yet. I’m not even sure if I will be there for a while, but I can begin to contemplate a pace of ease in ALL parts of my life, not just my work life. That’s what I feel I’m being called to do at this moment. So, with that said, here’s a few questions I am asking myself. A part of me isn’t quite ready to face some of these, but the questions are there and because I’m asking the questions, I know the answers will arrive in time. 

What if I was able to receive rest and even boredom as a gift from the universe? 

What if I listened to my body and allowed for my workouts to vary in intensity, depending on how much energy I had? 

What if I slowed down my morning and evening self care routines, so I could be more nourishing to all parts of me? 

What if I slowed down the way I eat? 

What if I slowed down on spending? 

What if I slowed down my days, packing them with less?

What if I slowed down my process before I went on stage and allowed for more time moving between working out, getting ready, eating dinner, my meet and greet and performance? 

What if I slowed down my words, my conversations? 

What if I prioritized joy and pleasure without guilt?


My nervous system has been on stun my whole life and I’m hoping that with a little more space and awareness around all the different areas of the way I currently operate, I can begin to enjoy a calmer existence. I know this process won’t come without some discomfort, but I’m willing to ride it out in order to see where it may lead me. 

Where are you in the journey of “less”? Are you willing to listen to your soul and what it’s desiring? Are you willing to challenge old stories and trade your fear in for trust and LovE? Big LovE and gentleness to all of you on this exploration into the self. I LovE you. 


  • Thank you for sharing this! I just subscribe today and this the first message I get to receive from you! Ironic that, this of all things, slowing down, has been on the forefront of my brain for probably the last 10 years. Not knowing how to make this “slow down” happen has led me to having Fibromyalgia. I am a mother of 3 (19years -16years-11years) and desperately wish to be an example to them of how to live a Slow, Soft, Sensual life and to Receive!

    I look forward to following along your continued journey and I continue on mine! Thank you!

  • I Hear You !!! …
    .. I Hear You, I Respect You, I Love You . . .
    . . And I Always Will.
    #TogetherForeverAlways !!!
    Thank You for Being Who You Are, and For What You Have Brought Us Over The Years.
    Thank You For Caring and Sharing: Not Only What You Have Accomplished, but Also For Sharing Your Life With Us.
    Thank You Being There When I Have Felt Down, and For Picking Me Up With Your Music and Writings on ‘SoulOfEverLe’.
    Thank You For Getting Me Using iTunes – Literally – when You Were Promoting ‘LADY & GENTLEMAN’ on Twitter, in 2012. I told you I didn’t have iTunes, because I thought it was Only For iPods, and I didn’t own one. I asked you, 1.) If I could Download iTunes onto my Laptop/Desktop, and 2.) If I could Burn Songs to CD’s to play on other Devices (in Car etcetera), and 3.) I said if I could, I’d Download iTunes to get Your Beautiful Music.
    You Replied with Minutes: “1.) YES You Can, 2.) YES, 3.) And That’s a YES, And NOW!”
    I immediately Downloaded iTunes onto my Desktop, and the First Purchase was Your BLUE Album.
    I told you that I had done it, and the day after, when I Logged In (on Twitter), I had a Notification:
    “LeAnn Rimes Followed You”.
    Thank You For That Experience, and Thank You For Being Such a Wonderful Friend.
    I am looking forward to Meeting You In Person So Much, Sunshine.
    Thak You For Just Being YOU !!! 🙂 <3 XO

    @NEVIE_JOHN (Twitter).

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