LovE You List

I have been feeling the need to reach out to those I LovE more on the regular, not only to connect, but to make sure the ones I hold dear really know how much I LovE them. I can be a bit of an introvert and go into hiding, (kind of a knee jerk reaction after years of being on display). So, in the spirit of good old conscious effort and opening my heart, I have made a list of my family and friends, and try to text at least one, if not a couple of them a day, just to send LovE, remind them how incredibly special and bad ass they are or lend an ear if they need one…or both.


It’s so easy to get lost in our own world and disconnect, leaving us feeling lonely, isolated and sometimes with serious depression. A list of your loved ones, and a daily reach out, even to just one person could make all the difference, providing a sense of community and a knowing that YOU ARE LOVED. For me, it gets me out of my own head and fills me with joy, knowing that I made someone’s day just by saying “I LovE you” or “I miss you.”


So, are you ready to create your own “LovE You” list? If we haven’t established this yet, I’m a list freak (Virgo). A list helps me save brain power and makes everyone easily accessible, the ones I am super close with to the ones I adore, but don’t see often enough. I’m talking, go deep here! Include people you respect and greatly appreciate, but maybe haven’t spoken to in a while. RECONNECT! Join me in spreading LovE, daily. We can even extend outside of the circle of our LovEd ones and give random compliments on social media, or maybe even shock your coworkers and pay them some fantastic compliment. Everyone needs lifting up and connection more than we are willing to admit. Let’s be the LovErs who get the LovE rolling.




  • I think this is a great idea! I’ve lived in Texas for ten years, while my family lives in another state. I struggle trying to keep in touch with every one and staying connected! I will defenitly be making my list & sending out texts! Thanks LeAnn for the great idea! ❤️ ….Happy Early Birthday!!🎈🎊🎉🎂❤️

  • Honestly, thank you for reaching out in LovE (heartfelt charity). I keep telling you how much I appreciate your ‘putting yourself out there.’ Its really true. I do realize you are a busy mom, artist, and spend time for this public sharing & it can’t be easy.
    Maybe its the venue, and I’m very sorry if some of my posts have a ‘too familiar’ tone as if we were personal friends or something. I honestly do not mean for that to happen. So, in that regard, I do LovE you, as a public person who truly shows efforts of kindness.
    I suppose the painful major life change, and my happening upon the last thing I remember about you until Spring 2017, “What I Cannot Change,” by you and Daryl Brown started me finding you on social media. And I do appreciate your tolerance at those days where I made post after post. Its embarrassing to remember. My friends would have looked at me like, ‘are you o.k.?’
    I have a new working title for a book sharing ideas from many, including yours. “Togetherness with Kindness in Diversity.”
    While we currently have differing ideas on cajoling, facilitating, & enabling so much chaos — and methods of honest caring healing, we both truly strive to share togetherness in kindness.
    Thank you. My Heart<3felt Friend.

  • P.S. I tend to ‘shield’ myself, also, for different lifetime painful experiences since early childhood.
    I just stick with my friends with a fairly full life, but sense something missing.
    I do make the effort to reach far away family & friends, but not enough. Thank you for the inspiration.

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