As the Summer months usher in warmer days, Mother Earth is heating up too. Taking my meditations outside, when I have the chance to allows for an even more expanded feeling and a deeper connection to nature. The other day, my intuition lead me to meditating in the way I’m about to share with you. I’ve been consciously aware of expanding my ability to receive, and communing with the light and Mother Earth in this way allowed me to feel what a balance of giving and receiving truly felt like. If you try it, please let me know what your experience is like. I’d LovE to know!


Heart to Earth 🌏 Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Find a comfortable, quiet place on Mother Earth to lie down. Feel free to use a towel or a blanket to lay on. You don’t want to be itching from grass the whole time LOL

You can also do this meditation in your home, or lying anywhere. You really just want to have your back to the ground.

Settle in, lying on your back, arms comfortably along side the body, leaving a bit of space between the body and the arms, palms face up. Legs and feet relaxed, falling open and out to the side, however comfortable. Allow the backside of your heart center to melt into the ground. You can keep your eyes open or close them gently. If you choose to keep your eyes open, focus your gaze softly on something above you that’s in view.

Take 3 slow, deep breaths, beginning at the depths of the belly, in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth, sighing with sound as you release.

Continue breathing gently, softly and deeply, releasing the breath through the nose now while envisioning Mother Earth’s LovE as a vibrant, glistening white or gold light coming into the back of your heart. Hold it in your heart space at the top of the breath and then allow the light to spread out through your entire body. Continue drawing in the LovE and light from Mother Earth and allowing the light to spread through every cell of your body for as many rounds as feels good.

Once you feel full of light and LovE, you can then begin to shine that light and LovE out into the world. Continue receiving Mother Earth’s LovE through the back of your heart, hold it in your heart space at the top of your breath and then shine the light of LovE out through the front of your heart, allowing it to radiate as far out as you can envision. With each breath, imagine it radiating out further and further, beginning with your home or space you are inhabiting at the moment, into your neighborhood, your state, your country, the other countries and continents, oceans, forests, Mother Earth herself, the other planets, galaxies and so forth. This light and LovE is endless! When you have expanded as far as feels good, continue to breath and relax into this new found space of receiving Love and allow it to penetrate every ounce of your being. This, is your true essence!

When you are wanting to return back to yourself, slowly and gently draw your light back into your heart center. Focus on the feelings and sensations you may be experiencing in the body, the sense of LovE, renewal and peace. Allow the light to dissolve back into Mother Earth from the back of your heart and give thanks to her for her unwavering, unconditional LovE.

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  • That sounds Absolutely Wonderful, LeLe !!! ….. It reminds me something I have done in the past – I must try it again sometime – Here are the details ….. Choose a flat piece of grassed area, directly beneath a large tree, that you can partially see the sky through the foliage. Beware of any large birds, but a few birds flying intp and out of the tree, can give a sense of peaceful atmosphere, as they tweeter their songs. Keep your legs flat on the ground, and your legs barely touching. Place your hands beneath your head(palms up), with fingers kind of interwoven but not interlocked, so that they are between each other but not against the back of the other hand: Fingers and Hands may need to be slightly bent to allow fingers to kind of close against each other. Keep your arms as close to the ground as you can, not with your elbows reaching towards the sky. Proceed with the Breathing and Thoughts that you mention, as you look towards the sky. Begin with concentrating your Stare on the closest parts of the foliage, and gradually look further through it, and concentrate your stare on the sky (just like you would do with a 3D Picture). Just after dawn and/or just before dusk is the beast. You can also do the above after dark on a Starlit Night. Lay in an open space, and proceed as aforementioned; but begin by just looking towards the night sky. Allow your eyes to ajust (like when you go from a Brightly Lit Room to a Dark Room – This will take 20-30 Minutes to get full benefit). Now, slowly relax your eyes, and concentrate your stare Deeper into Space: Don’t concentrate on a particular spot, but don’t move your glance around – Like I said before, just like with a 3D Picture). When you do this, you will see the night sky like you’ve never seen it before. You will see Stars that you never knew were there. You will most likely even see Falling Stars.

    Peace of Mother EARTH, and Heavenly SPACE be With You <3 XO

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