The Retrogrades! The New Moon! The Solar Eclipse!

The Retrogrades! The New Moon! The Solar Eclipse! It all has me feeling a bit like the picture above. Anyone else? Personally, I am wrestling with old patterns, insecurities, DEEP cellular and subconscious imprinting that’s making itself known for the first time and in great detail. It’s crazy when you arrive at a place where you get excited and grateful for the difficult feelings because you know there’s another level of freedom on the other side. You know your light is growing brighter!! Yesterday, I had thoughts of giving up on everyone, myself, my dreams… AND walking hand and hand with those thoughts were other thoughts of gratitude and grace. It’s beautiful to be in a space where you can hold both pieces of you at once and not turn away from either of them. So, if you have had thoughts of giving up, you are not alone. Just know, there is nothing wrong with you and every ounce of our experience here to serve us. ALLOW, ALLOW, ALLOW AND BREATHE! Breath will put you directly in touch with source and spirit, the part of you that KNOWS everything is going to be better than ok. I LovE you!


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