New Candles have arrived

I’m so excited to tell you about not one but THREE brand new La Fréquence Candles that have just been added to the Soul Of EverLe store. Each of the candles have been created and handpoured by me with loving intention. The first shipping date will be May 6th but pre-orders are available now. Find out more about each of the candles and head to the store to welcome one, or all 3 into your space.

I can’t wait for you all to experience these! 

La Fréquence “Christed” Candle

The blend of frankincense, incense, cedar and black pepper are reminiscent of a holy temple. “Christed” creates an environment of sweet sacredness, perfect for any alter or sacred space.

La Fréquence “In The Stillness” Candle

The earthy, grounded fragrance of Oud, blended with minty eucalyptus and soft lavender, feels like a day at the spa. “In The Stillness” is incredibly calming, creating an environment to more easily connect with a deeper sense of peace.

La Fréquence “What I Cannot Change” Candle

The intoxicating, sensual blend of Vanilla Wood, Piñon and Amber bring warmth to any space, allowing you to sink deeper and let go.