Thanksgiving Gratitude

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday it’s time to hand out “thank you’s” like we handed out candy a few weeks ago. Hopefully, we are showing the people in our life appreciation and LovE throughout the year, but Thanksgiving is a time to really put our gratitude in motion. SOE whipped up 10 ways to express our gratitude and make the Thanksgiving holiday even more meaningful and memorable.



1. If you are not doing the joyous, but sometimes overwhelming job of hosting Thanksgiving this year, send flowers the day before thanksgiving to the person who is.


2. Show some gratitude for yourself, your body, your “soul case.” LovE your body, talk to her or him and tell your body how much it’s appreciated. Touch each part gently, slowly and say out loud “I LovE you.” Yes, this can be a little awkward and not something we usually slow down and take the time to do. Well, it’s time that we take a moment or a few hours and show ourselves some much needed kindness.


3. Know anyone who may be alone on thanksgiving? Invite them over, host an open door policy where everyone is welcome. We all need a sense of community and connectedness for our health and wellbeing and the holidays are a perfect time to open our hearts a bit wider to anyone who needs a little extra LovE.


4. The holidays can bring on some interesting dinner table conversations, especially in the political climate and divided times we are living in. Remember, this is your family, whom you LovE dearly, which also means you most likely will not agree on everything and that’s OK! Be grateful for the difference of opinions. Try really listening to what someone has to say without needing to jump in and tell them why they’re wrong. See if you can dig a bit deeper and really understand where your LovEd one is coming from. Life would be boring if we all agreed all the time. And if all else fails, laugh!


5. How often do you just pray in gratitude for all the beautiful, abundance in your life? Now as good a time as any to begin. Offer up a prayer of thanks and not ask for a thing.


6. Take a portion of your holiday budget and adopt a family in need.


7. Spend a moment with your children and reinforce how grateful you are to be their parent, stepparent or caretaker. Tell them how incredible they are, eye to eye, heart to heart. You can even write them a letter listing off all of the things you appreciate about them and about having the opportunity to nurture them into adulthood.


8. Got leftovers?! Take them to a homeless shelter or to anyone in need. Find your local homeless shelter here!


9. Set the scene…music, candles, whatever makes you feel good and creates and intimate, sacred space to really spend some time with your LovEr. Express how grateful you are for them and for their LovE in whatever sensual, sexy, playful, soul bearing way you desire. Intimacy is so important and we often are rushed during our busy lives. Take time to slow down and really be with each other.


10. Do you have people that just make your life work? Either employees, your employer, family who help with the kiddos, anyone who helps make your world go round? Send them an email, a text or even better an eye to eye, heartfelt “Thank You.”





  • Love this! Thank you for all tips. Im usually pretty good at being grateful to others but the one I struggle with is the self love but I’m workin on it and my life is slowly but surely changing for the better as I continue to grow in this area.

  • Truth. Truth in your posts, truth in the sky of love and the air of the season and the impossibly of life and love.

  • LovEly reminder to be grateful for so many aspects of our lives, as well as, the connection between gratitude and giving. Took a moment to jot down some sincere thoughts in my gratitude journal. The more I practice this routine the more my thanks comes from a deeper authentic space.

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