World Sound Healing Day

Lately, I have been digging into many books about sound healing. It’s of great interest to me, given that I do this whole music thing for a living. In my hunt for education, I stumbled upon the research of Healing Sound pioneer, Jonathan Goldman who’s books on sound healing are fascinating and very informative. Upon learning about Jonathan and his studies, I also discovered he had created “National Sound Healing Day,” which is February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

On the 14th, the collective will be gathering to chant “Ah,” the sound of the heart, sending LovE to our Mother Earth, Gaia. Sending LovE as a collective through sound, grounded in clear intentions of compassion, LovE and gratitude help to heal Mother Earth 🌏 and raise the consciousness of our planet. Scientifically proven BTW! I know my hubby and I are in! Are you? Join us in healing the world.

Check out Jonathan and all the deets for “World Sound Healing Day”

Download the free AH training wave file and then join along in the Temple of Sound on Valentine’s Day at 12 noon (local time in your time zone) to send a sonic valentine to Mama Earth for 5 min.

Read up! Join us! It’s going to be LovEly ☺