Chalk Talk

Happy Wednesday! Lead the way my friends, or sometimes, you might be waiting forever. You shine your light, open your gigantic heart, extend love, forgiveness and all the goodness that is missing in any situation. You will walk around lighter, brighter and more peaceful than ever. Try it, and don’t take anything lacking from another, personally. That’s on them, not you.

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  • I Truly try to live by this quote. I came across Dr Steve in 2011 through my quote account and fell in love with his words. He sent me 3 of his books (actually 9, sent me some for 2 Friends) and they helped my healing process after my surgery. Not physically or anything to do with my surgery. I was just stuck in bed for 5 days with nothing, but those books and myself. They helped to really open my mind, expunge the hate, self pity, anger & pain. And allow love, peace, acceptance, forgiveness & enlightenment into my life. I’m so glad you appreciate him as much as I do. Amazing man. Amazing words. 🙏🏼❤️

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