Dreaming A New Reality

Whether you steep in your negative thoughts, past memories and worry of the future or dream up a new destiny full of LovE and joy, where you radiate the light that you are and embody your God or Goddess, both are equally as true. The only difference is one feels more familiar and the other foreign. It takes a moment for the body to catch up to your new reality. You will feel uncomfortable and your mind will try to play tricks on you in order to give your body what it’s desiring in order to flee from perceived discomfort or suffering. Trust in the truth of your new reality. Focus more on the greatness that already exists but has yet to come into form. Just because your negative, self defeating ways feel comfortable, because they are familiar doesn’t mean they are any more true or real than your new reality. Don’t be fooled by your senses and don’t allow the body to be your master. Dream a new world into reality. Allow your dreams to be truer than anything.

This week, I am making a conscious choice to believe the opposite of thoughts of mine that do not serve me. I’m choosing to fully trust in the light. When an old, programmed thought arises I will thank it for serving me in the past and inform it that it’s no longer needed. Then, I will return to trusting the light. How would this feel for you to try out along side of me? It’s just a week! Feel it out and join me if your soul is screaming YES!

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  • I know I was led to your page because this is exactly what I needed to hear right now. Thank you LeAnn!!

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