International Women’s Day

There are many facets to us women. So many beautiful, wild, sensual, ferocious, silly, sexual, tender, creative pieces of our souls in dire need of full expression. For a good part of my life I have held back pieces of me that rubbed up against an image I felt the need to uphold. Whether it be the image of “the good girl” –  “the nice girl” – “the hard worker” – “the perfect everything” I was constantly abandoning a massive part of my soul because of other’s belief systems or the fear of being judged and shamed. Any other women feeling me? I KNOW I am not alone. This is something I am working on FULLY RELEASING in order to reawaken my WHOLE SELF and power as a woman. We are allowed to be every contradiction. We are allowed to bring all of us to the damn table and the only person we need permission from is ourself. I am honored to be remembering my magic along side so many other women who are remembering theirs during this incredible time of awakening on our  planet. I LovE you all and celebrate you, not only today, but everyday. Happy International Women’s Day!

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  • Amen, sister! How beautiful to come into our own without apology. I feel liberated and capable of any and everything! It takes release. Maturity beyond years, really. Experiences are key. I’ve lived through the highest and lowest of my life in the last ten years. Without this I wouldn’t have evolved into the woman I am today.
    Loving and celebrating you, as well.
    Be blessed. Be loved.

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