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When we come to a place of gratitude for every joy, every hurt and everything in between, we begin to open our hearts and not only exist, but truly LIVE. I am so thankful for each and every experience I have had in this lifetime. They have all made me who I am and I am truly beginning to LovE ME. Not just the pretty, neat and shiny pieces, but all of me in my totality. I opened up to my dear friend, Lewis Howes about EVERYTHING! Nothing was held back, nothing hidden. It’s one of the most soul baring interviews I have ever done. I hope sharing my journey inspires, helps others feel a little less alone and deeply connects with the heart and soul of those who tune in.

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  • I took so many notes from this podcast – was very inspired. I’d love to listen to the chanting that you demonstrated – can you recommend a link to find more of this? I’m on a personal quest to “Bloom” this year, and part of this work is daily writing. The wisdom you shared from your life’s work gave me so much to consider and work through. Thank you for sharing yourself and your ideas. And I love Lewis’ podcasts (I listen to all of them) – this one was just particularly energizing. Best wishes, heidi

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