LeAnn is laying in a meadow on her stomach, looking up and off to the right, gazing at the sky

Hello LovEs!

Welcome to Soul Of EverLe, the space I created to use my voice and express my heart in a totally new way. You may know my music, but my blog is where you will get to know me, the whole human. I started this blog because I wanted to connect with like hearted souls on a deeper level and in a way that was different from, yet an expansion of the connection I have to you through my music. Social media has always been a place for us to connect, but I needed something that was outside of any algorithm and felt more grounded, authentic and safe, for both you and me. What started as posting quotes on a chalkboard has turned into something so much bigger than I could ever have imagined. So, welcome and thank you for being on this soul-full journey with me. I LovE you! Forever, Le

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